Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Accelerated Learning: turning theory into practice & results

Based on the old adage “Tell me & I won’t remember, show me & I might remember, involve me & I will remember”, we utilise Accelerated Learning as our primary training delivery methodology. 

Accelerated Learning works on the principle that people learn in different ways and that most people learn more through involvement, particularly sales and commercial staff, who respond best to team work, interaction, role plays, debates, competition, challenges, etc.  This is why we don’t use Powerpoint in our courses and we maximise the amount of delegate participation and interaction.

The proof is in delegates’ excellent retention of information and their successful results following their implementation of the learned new skills.

Our overall focus is on delivering results and return on investment for our clients.  Accelerated Learning, along with follow up and on the job support from managers, is a key part of that delivery, helping delegates and their managers to learn, implement and turn theory into practice and best results.

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