Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Let's hear it for selling as a profession and professional salespeople!

Whilst people can and do ‘accidentally’ fall into selling as a career and you don’t hear of students going to university to 'study selling' or 'become a salesperson', selling is an important and necessary profession, like being a doctor, lawyer, pilot or engineer - you learn the skills of your profession, then practice and update them throughout your career to keep abreast of new ideas, technologies, best practice, etc.

You wouldn’t ask your next door neighbour, a butcher, to sort out your teeth, would you? - why not? - because he doesn’t have the required knowledge and skills.

Similarly, salespeople aren’t born, they are made and success comes from a combination of knowledge, selling skills and self confidence (helped along by passion and hard work).  Success comes from building the knowledge, experience and skills to do the job well, underpinned by excellent training and development (see PiP Associates, contact details below!) and supported by strong coaching and follow up from sales managers. 

So, let’s hear it for selling as a profession and professional salespeople - they earn their stripes, they play a vital, front line role in the success of any business (given that without sales, there generally is no business) and their profession should be given the recognition, respect and investment that it deserves!

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