Thursday, 9 November 2017

Virtual Classroom training: the background and benefits

PiP Associates Virtual Classroom training: The background and benefits

For any business, sales training (external and internal sales) is vital, to achieve improved results.  It is also self funding e.g. business development training generating new clients or negotiation training generating increases in profitability from client negotiations will bring in far more revenue than the cost of the training.  Win-win all round!

The two main barriers that we encounter when running group training are (1) work down time – two or three days away from the job has a significant opportunity cost and (2) delegate travel and venue costs.  Add to this the fact that some clients only have, say, 1 to 3 people that they want to train or they have specific individuals with specific training needs.

So, whilst we recommend that group residential training programmes are the most successful and effective route to learning and instilling long term changes in behaviour, our clients are also reporting great results from our Virtual Classroom coaching. 

Nothing complicated - it’s simply our training, delivered live and one to one, via internet media e.g. videoconferencing, by our super-coaches with all the interactivity, stretching involvement, fun and relevance that they are passionate about providing.

Some of the benefits of Virtual Classroom coaching include:

·        Instructor led training (collaborative, interactive and engaging).

·        Tailored and focused content (specific to individual training needs).

·        Cost effective training (reduced expenses and down time).

·        Flexible, modular learning (bite-sized with follow up measures).

·        Flexible logistics (delegate location, training time and media to suit).

Plus the same benefits as our group training including:

·        Results - We work hard to understand your business and training requirements then relate our training to deliver solutions and results.

·        Experience - Our trainers are time served business professionals, with at least 15 years experience to senior level plus their extensive years of coaching here at PiP.

·        Commitment, always! - Delegate commitment to actions, for follow up to ensure that theory is turned into practice and results.

So, if training is on your to-do list, do contact us to discuss – we’d love to help! (+44 (0)113 2892686;

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