Thursday, 29 March 2018

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

It’s everyone’s job to improve profits

Profit is a critical measure for every business, however mature or successful.  Improving those profits is not the exclusive domain of the senior management group - everyone needs to be aware of the impact that their actions and daily decisions will have on profitability and actively seek to identify improvement opportunities in all areas.

There are three steps to improving profitability through the actions of your teams:

1)  Build an understanding that it’s everyone’s job to improve profits.

2)  Develop the skills of individuals to identify additional profit opportunities.

3)  Ensure that ideas are fully implemented to continuously add value.

Our programme, “50 Ways to Improve Profits”, explores cost-effective methods of improving business performance, which can be implemented in a short time scale.  This two day workshop helps business leaders and their teams develop ideas and set up a structure for continuous bottom line improvement.  It offers 50 proven profit improvement concepts with practical examples, which can then be converted into actions. 

The workshop and its concepts originate from our own vast experience and gathering of best practice, detailed research, consultation with many senior executives in varied industries and the best practice of many previous participants. 

By the end of this workshop, the group and individuals develop practical ideas and plans of action to drive profitable business growth.

So, if improving profit is on your to-do list, do contact us to discuss – we’d be pleased to help! 

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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Accelerated Learning: turning theory into practice & results

Based on the old adage “Tell me & I won’t remember, show me & I might remember, involve me & I will remember”, we utilise Accelerated Learning as our primary training delivery methodology. 

Accelerated Learning works on the principle that people learn in different ways and that most people learn more through involvement, particularly sales and commercial staff, who respond best to team work, interaction, role plays, debates, competition, challenges, etc.  This is why we don’t use Powerpoint in our courses and we maximise the amount of delegate participation and interaction.

The proof is in delegates’ excellent retention of information and their successful results following their implementation of the learned new skills.

Our overall focus is on delivering results and return on investment for our clients.  Accelerated Learning, along with follow up and on the job support from managers, is a key part of that delivery, helping delegates and their managers to learn, implement and turn theory into practice and best results.

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Thursday, 1 March 2018

How can you make more profit without selling more or increasing prices?

Measuring customers by product sales, volume and prices is key, but are you missing a valuable measure of account profitability by not looking at the cost of servicing customers?

You could have two customers, for example, whose products, volumes and prices are exactly the same, however, one customer is considerably more profitable than the other due to the lower costs of servicing their account: we call this Cost to Serve!

There are many ways you can reduce the costs of servicing a customer, without any reduction to customer satisfaction.  For example, if you reduce the number of deliveries from four times a week to twice a week (which may also suit the customer), you halve the cost of delivery, which for a long distance customer could be a significant saving.  Even if the benefit is shared with the customer, you can make considerable headway and build stronger customer ties.

We have identified dozens of ways to reduce the Cost to Serve and this training exercise is always well received on our courses given it is eye opening, easy to implement and brings immediate results!

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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Let's hear it for selling as a profession and professional salespeople!

Whilst people can and do ‘accidentally’ fall into selling as a career and you don’t hear of students going to university to 'study selling' or 'become a salesperson', selling is an important and necessary profession, like being a doctor, lawyer, pilot or engineer - you learn the skills of your profession, then practice and update them throughout your career to keep abreast of new ideas, technologies, best practice, etc.

You wouldn’t ask your next door neighbour, a butcher, to sort out your teeth, would you? - why not? - because he doesn’t have the required knowledge and skills.

Similarly, salespeople aren’t born, they are made and success comes from a combination of knowledge, selling skills and self confidence (helped along by passion and hard work).  Success comes from building the knowledge, experience and skills to do the job well, underpinned by excellent training and development (see PiP Associates, contact details below!) and supported by strong coaching and follow up from sales managers. 

So, let’s hear it for selling as a profession and professional salespeople - they earn their stripes, they play a vital, front line role in the success of any business (given that without sales, there generally is no business) and their profession should be given the recognition, respect and investment that it deserves!

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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Top 10 sales issues we have resolved with clients in 2017


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As the evenings start to darken far too early, we like to review our main challenges and successes of the year, as illustrated above.  

We get to appreciate our clients for their support and trust in us.  It is always a pleasure working with them and it certainly keeps us on our toes, keeps our knowledge super current, our wealth of best practice healthy and inspires us to keep working on new ideas, concepts and solutions! 

If we can help you with sales or other business challenges, do contact us on:
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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Virtual Classroom training: the background and benefits

PiP Associates Virtual Classroom training: The background and benefits

For any business, sales training (external and internal sales) is vital, to achieve improved results.  It is also self funding e.g. business development training generating new clients or negotiation training generating increases in profitability from client negotiations will bring in far more revenue than the cost of the training.  Win-win all round!

The two main barriers that we encounter when running group training are (1) work down time – two or three days away from the job has a significant opportunity cost and (2) delegate travel and venue costs.  Add to this the fact that some clients only have, say, 1 to 3 people that they want to train or they have specific individuals with specific training needs.

So, whilst we recommend that group residential training programmes are the most successful and effective route to learning and instilling long term changes in behaviour, our clients are also reporting great results from our Virtual Classroom coaching. 

Nothing complicated - it’s simply our training, delivered live and one to one, via internet media e.g. videoconferencing, by our super-coaches with all the interactivity, stretching involvement, fun and relevance that they are passionate about providing.

Some of the benefits of Virtual Classroom coaching include:

·        Instructor led training (collaborative, interactive and engaging).

·        Tailored and focused content (specific to individual training needs).

·        Cost effective training (reduced expenses and down time).

·        Flexible, modular learning (bite-sized with follow up measures).

·        Flexible logistics (delegate location, training time and media to suit).

Plus the same benefits as our group training including:

·        Results - We work hard to understand your business and training requirements then relate our training to deliver solutions and results.

·        Experience - Our trainers are time served business professionals, with at least 15 years experience to senior level plus their extensive years of coaching here at PiP.

·        Commitment, always! - Delegate commitment to actions, for follow up to ensure that theory is turned into practice and results.

So, if training is on your to-do list, do contact us to discuss – we’d love to help! (+44 (0)113 2892686;